For the past two years, the Schwagon has been the official vehicle of “Pride & Joy”. In a lot of ways, we owe the very existence of the film to this sassy, baby blue Ford Taurus station wagon with a almost never say die attitude. We say “almost” because after three exhausting years of tearing up and down the highways and bi-ways of the American South, our boon companion finally said die. The little guy gave up the ghost in tiny Glencoe, Alabama, in front of Tyson chicken processing plant, the sight of which, we suppose, was just too much for it to bear.

But rather than dwelling on its sad death we choose to celebrate its joyful life, one that took it, and us, on a journey we’ll never forget.

Here on this page dedicated to its memory, we share with you tales from a life well-spent. If you could have only seen it, settled into its mustard stained bucket seats, nestled into its warm, jittery embrace, and looked out on this amazing land of ours through its wizened, mosquito murdering windshield, you would know more in that instant than we can ever share in these tales.

But if you remember nothing else of this miracle of belts of bolts remember these two things:

1) No one ever hauled a 150-pound buck on it roof, secured by extension cords to its luggage rack like the Schwagon did.

2) Its tireless four-cylinder heart often grumbled and rattled, but it never whined. Not once.

We’ll miss you old boy. We couldn’t have done it without you.

If you are one of the lucky ones who laid eyes on this beauty during its long and storied life, if you ever had the joy of riding in it or the not-joy of smelling it (especially after the shrimp incident) we ask that you share your stories here. We’ll be posting our memories as well so please don’t think of this as the end of the Schwagon’s long and winding road, but its beginning.

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