Introducing “PRIDE & JOY: A Southern Foodways Alliance Film Project”

The Southern Foodways Alliance, an institute of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi, documents, studies, and celebrates the diverse food cultures of the changing American South. (To learn more about our work, visit

Over the last decade, the SFA has collected more than 500 oral histories and produced more than 30 films. We have trained our lenses on North Carolina pitmasters and Louisiana bartenders. We’ve captured the stories of Alabama shrimpers and Arkansas caviar fishermen. We’ve chronicled the work of Georgia cattlemen and Tennessee fried chicken cooks.

We have not, however, made a long-form documentary, aimed at chronicling the depth and breadth of Southern food culture. Until now. Directed by Joe York and produced by John T. Edge and Andy Harper, PRIDE & JOY is that film.

In this hour-long, ready-to-air documentary, we focus on the tradition-bearers of Southern food culture. We present intimate portraits of people and places while asking important questions about our common culture:

* What do foodways tell us about who we are as Southerners?

* How and why do traditional foodways endure?

* As the South’s ethnic and racial makeup shifts, how do regional foodways change?

PRIDE & JOY stands not as the final word on Southern food, but as an introduction to how foodways offer insights on the region’s complex history and bright future.

If you just can’t wait til the Fall when P&J will be released, you can always get your fix right here. We’ll be adding new content to this site all the time, including new trailers and clips from the film, information about the Fall 2012 premiere, and information about when the Pride & Joy roadshow will be stopping in your neck of the woods.

7 thoughts on “Introducing “PRIDE & JOY: A Southern Foodways Alliance Film Project”

  1. ealabord says:

    Reblogged this on On the road again and commented:
    can’t wait to see the new Southern Foodways Alliance film this fall!

  2. Absolutely a piece of art. Can’t wait to see the whole film. Keep up the great work. Y’all are doin’ the Lord’s work – pass the cornbread please.

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  4. Geoff says:

    Saw the movie early today at the Florida Film Festival in Orlando. Wonderful movie – I liked the way it was structured with a number of short pieces on the farmers, chefs, etc. And after watching it, I sure want Bar BQ. I’m ready to head for the places shown in the film. Although I admit I also am interested in the pigs ear sandwiches from the place in Jackson, Miss.

  5. […] recently had the opportunity to attend a screening of the newly released “Pride & Joy: A Southern Foodways Alliance Film Project” documentary. This film takes a look at many unique Southern food […]

  6. […] guests and also sell and sign their books. The evening was capped off with the premiere of “Pride & Joy,” a one-hour documentary film about Southern food. Two local enterprises — Cruze Farm […]

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